Palak Paneer- Tasty and Healthy

Does taste and health go together? I have heard many people say yes to it and have seen many blog posts where people made something that is healthy and yummy too. Trust me, I never believed either of these until I got to taste this recipe. When I was expecting my son, my doctor loaded me with advices on eating  green leafy vegetables, especially spinach. I already had imported a lot of, in my words ‘boring’ food into my diet chart, and now spinach!!!!!  That’s when my sis-in-law showed up. She made me this dish and with a lot of reluctance, I tried my first spoon and wow.. it tasted yumm!!!..  Since then, this dish has a place in my favorite vegetarian dishes. Thanks to my sissy!I discovered this awesome way of including spinach or palak in my family’s diet.


So here goes the recipe.. Taste bhi, health bhi.

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Chicken Dry Roast

I am having fun times these days, vacationing in my home town. Late night chats, homely food and lots and lots of family time. I was enjoying every moment of my break for a week and then the pampering over dose bored me.  I wanted to head to the kitchen and get cooking. I decided to serve something special for lunch and chose to serve chicken to the bunch of chiketarians at home. I made this quick and simple chicken dry roast for lunch and got some good compliments. So, I thought of sharing the recipe on the blog.


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Kerala Appam Recipe

We are back with another recipe post and this time it is a regional recipe. A humble dish that tops the ‘must-try’ lists of food enthusiasts when it comes to Kerala cuisine. Paalappam or simply appam  is a traditional dish from Kerala.  It is a fluffy rice pancake with lacy edges  that tastes equally yum with both veg and non-veg side dishes. Traditionally made in a ‘Palappam Chatti’ – a small pan with a dip in the centre, it can also be replicated to an extent in a kadai which has a rounded bottom.


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Steal Some Time for Yourself

We all love being pampered. As kids we had our parents grooming with the cutest hairstyle and latest fashion dresses. As we grew up took charge of it- from the latest trend in hair colour to the highest in heels, from putting a fifth stud to getting tailor made outfits in tune with the latest trend, we have tried it all. As the responsibility meter increases, the pampering and care we give to ourselves goes off in reverse gear. Most women keep their grooming needs aside when they jump into the mommyhood wagon.


Women’s day was around and we had our heads up at work to plan a celebration for this occasion. The day dreamer that I am, my mind had already drifted from those discussions and was in its own world. I realised that the best celebration for me on women’s day or any day ( I strongly believe each day is mine… Lol) is a little time that is all mine. I guess it is the same with all of us. Little time to love and pamper us, we deserve it at least once in a while. Actually spending a little time for oneself will help de-stress and we can get back to our routine with much more enthusiasm and confidence.

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5 Traditional Holi Recipes

I grew up celebrating Holi with lot of enthusiasm.  The festival of colours has a great place in my childhood memories. This is also the festival I miss the most after I relocated to South India. Holi hardly exists on the festival calendar in this part of the country. As I am particular, my daughter should experience this significant Indian festival, every year I do some celebrations for her mainly to familiarize her with holi. We manage the festivities with the little resources available here, water guns replacing pichkaris and confining the gulaal application to our balcony. As schools and offices don’t often have holidays for Holi, I end up making just a sweet to conclude our private holi celebrations.


This year as it is along with the weekend, I was thinking of making it a little elaborate and have a few traditional recipes on the platter. My childhood was restricted to eating the yummy delicacies of the festive season and I have never even bothered to wonder what ingredients go into it… thinking of the recipe was a far cry. I searched across recipe blogs and websites and bookmarked these recipes for holi pakwan this season.

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