How About a Little Alteration??

Who doesn’t love buying dresses?? Especially girls can’t resist buying outfits that have won their hearts. A friend of mine saw a lovely outfit and fell in love with it instantly. She grabbed it for her birthday blinded by the beauty of her choice. She didn’t even take a second look at the dress before getting it packed. With lots of excitement like any other girl, she tried the dress at home (home is always safe!!). The trial left her in disappointment. The dress was loosely hanging here and there.. just didn’t fit properly, leave alone the perfection she dreamt of.. Alteration was the best solution she could think of. The person who did the alteration did his job with perfection. Patiently waiting to get the altered dress was worth.  Now she looked awesome in that outfit.

2014-02-13 20.55.37 copy
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Outfit Planning for Working Women

Every mom is a super woman and if she is a working mom…well multi-tasking just gets tougher. Your own needs are always low on priority and tops the ‘what to avoid’ list. Obviously any mom will not compromise on her family’s needs. Getting ready for work is many times a challenge, you don’t have the luxury to put on the complicated eye makeup tutorial that is making YouTube rounds, neither you have the time to ensure that your shoes n bag are in perfect sync with your outfit, especially when the school bus is honking at the gate. Also, you can’t enter a professional workplace as a mobile style disaster.

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Here are 3 quick tips to avoid last minute rush:
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Trash to Treasure – DIY Magazine Holder

Trash to Treasure – DIY Magazine Holder

Books indeed are our gateway to knowledge. Reading is a great activity to do with kids and the early you begin, the better. American Academy of Paediatrics suggests that reading to new-borns is a must and it helps develop interests in sounds and boosts listening skills.

Moms realize the importance of books for the development of their children and keep increasing this precious collection for the little ones. Story books, songs, activity books, colouring books, magazines ……on goes the endless list. Many books come as gifts (moms are not the only people who know books are important or rather it is a safe option).
How much ever we inculcate the habit of organizing into pre-schoolers and kindergarten kids, we cannot expect the tiny tots to follow it completely… end result… scattered books n magazines all over the room.

I keep subscribing to kids’ magazines, me and dolly often do these activities together, but sometimes we will not complete before the next issue arrives or she would not be old enough for some activities. Also, I keep them for the stories and other segments (I have a preservation disease) and have a tough time managing these heaps.

It was the need of the hour to manage these magazine piles last vacation and I was thinking of a solution. I didn’t want to invest much into a proper book case and wanted an arrangement that my four year old can easily use and organize without help. I kept thinking and googling for ideas. Finally I was ready to create my magazine holder from trash.

pic 6
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Grape Wine

The very first miracle of Jesus Christ was turning water into wine. The transformation was heavenly and within seconds with the grace of God. Here we need a total of forty two days, some ingredients and of course His grace to make this grape wine.

Make this wine and delight your friends and family and I’m sure you are going to get a lot of appreciation. Here we go…


PIC 3 wine copy
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Baked Pepper Chicken Tikka

Hello Everyone,

This is the first recipe post on RuskAndTea and this is my treat to all our lovely readers.

I’m starting with my favourite food…Chicken!!! I have been a chicken lover all my life and chicken in any form tickles my taste buds and I am sure, I am not alone. Whenever I play host for a weekend party or plan a menu for a special occasion, it’s kind of mandate for me to include a chicken recipe in it (well… this is confessions of a chicken loverJ).

Today I am sharing a simple recipe with you – Pepper Chicken Tikka. This is one of my favourite starters, a perfect blend of taste and health.

Baked Pepper Chicken Tikka 

Preparation Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes



  • Boneless chicken  – 1/2 kg
  • Black peppercorns roasted -12 to 15
  • Ginger – a small piece
  • Garlic -8-10 cloves
  • Green chillies – 3
  • Onion – 3
  • Garam masala powder -1/2 tsp
  • Egg white -1
  • Corn flour – tbsp
  • Yogurt – 1cup
  • Fresh cream – 1 cup
  • Oil – 2 tbsp
  • Salt – to taste


  1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan and sauté ginger, garlic, onion, green chillies till onion turns brown.
  2. Add garam masala, roasted peppercorns and salt.
  3. Cool the mixture and grind to a paste.
  4. In a bowl, combine the onion paste, yogurt, fresh cream, egg white, corn flour and salt.
  5. Add the chicken pieces and mix well.
  6. Marinate in the refrigerator for a min of 1 hour.
  7. Thread the chicken on a skewer and bake in a preheated oven at 250 Degree Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. Turn sides at half time.
  9. Serve hot with chutney/ sauce of your choice.


Weight watchers can use low fat yogurt and low fat cream for the recipe.

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