Outfit Planning for Working Women

Every mom is a super woman and if she is a working mom…well multi-tasking just gets tougher. Your own needs are always low on priority and tops the ‘what to avoid’ list. Obviously any mom will not compromise on her family’s needs. Getting ready for work is many times a challenge, you don’t have the luxury to put on the complicated eye makeup tutorial that is making YouTube rounds, neither you have the time to ensure that your shoes n bag are in perfect sync with your outfit, especially when the school bus is honking at the gate. Also, you can’t enter a professional workplace as a mobile style disaster.

pioc 1

Here are 3 quick tips to avoid last minute rush:

Plan– A very common word mainly used as the magic wand for most problems (and if like me, u too are not a perfectionist, then this word is sure to bug you), but a little bit of planning helps loads. I know people who plan their outfit for a week or more. We can at least think about our outfit for the next couple of days. Keeping out the outfit together with the accessories for the next day helps much.

pic 2

You don’t end up staring at your closet thinking what should I wear and do I have accessories which will go with this outfit when the clock hand moves at its fastest pace…
One of the organizations I worked for had a great dress code… I liked it so much that I still follow it (well… most of the time). Formals on Monday and Tuesday (western or Indian, no salwars n kurtis are not part of this), Semi-formals on Wednesdays and Thursdays and casuals on Fridays and Saturdays. This helps in knowing from which pile you should pull out your outfit on a particular working day.

pic 3

Keep a grooming kit handy – Grooming on the move has now become part of my daily routine, (no I never wanted it to be, it’s just the side effects of multitasking). You can always do the basic grooming at home and start from home; you could enhance your looks with makeup in the car or after reaching office (the later works if you are one of the first to swipe in like me). Having a kit in your bag also helps in case of quick meetings, unplanned lunch outs or client visits.

pic 4 copy
Go techie– For a modern working mom, life is unimaginable without her smart devices. Apps for smartphones and tablets helps a lot in organizing our lives.. There are a few style/ fashion apps that help you manage your closet electronically. My Fashion Closet, Netrobe, Stylish Girl and Cloth are some prominent apps. A mobile view of our closet any time is a perfect option for us busy bodies and we can plan our wardrobe while sipping your cappuccino in the cafeteria or during your travel back home. Now isn’t that something Wowwww..

pic 5

Enjoy being a Super Women and Stay Stylish!!!


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