Trash to Treasure – DIY Magazine Holder

Books indeed are our gateway to knowledge. Reading is a great activity to do with kids and the early you begin, the better. American Academy of Paediatrics suggests that reading to new-borns is a must and it helps develop interests in sounds and boosts listening skills.

Moms realize the importance of books for the development of their children and keep increasing this precious collection for the little ones. Story books, songs, activity books, colouring books, magazines ……on goes the endless list. Many books come as gifts (moms are not the only people who know books are important or rather it is a safe option).
How much ever we inculcate the habit of organizing into pre-schoolers and kindergarten kids, we cannot expect the tiny tots to follow it completely… end result… scattered books n magazines all over the room.

I keep subscribing to kids’ magazines, me and dolly often do these activities together, but sometimes we will not complete before the next issue arrives or she would not be old enough for some activities. Also, I keep them for the stories and other segments (I have a preservation disease) and have a tough time managing these heaps.

It was the need of the hour to manage these magazine piles last vacation and I was thinking of a solution. I didn’t want to invest much into a proper book case and wanted an arrangement that my four year old can easily use and organize without help. I kept thinking and googling for ideas. Finally I was ready to create my magazine holder from trash.

pic 6

DIY Magazine Holder

Things needed:
Cardboard box ( cereal box is an option)
Gift wrap
Adhesive tape
Pic 1

Seal the bottom of the box and secure with a adhesive tape and remove the top flap of the box. Cut out a rectangle from the front side of the box, leaving 2 inches on all the three sides.

Pic 2
Cover the box with gift wrap.

Pic 3
I used pink paper with polka dots (my daughter has Pinkaddiction!!)

pic 4

Decorate it with embellishments of your choice. My daughter had this idea of naming her magazine holders!

pic 5

Magazine holder is ready for your tiny readers to use.


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