How About a Little Alteration??

Who doesn’t love buying dresses?? Especially girls can’t resist buying outfits that have won their hearts. A friend of mine saw a lovely outfit and fell in love with it instantly. She grabbed it for her birthday blinded by the beauty of her choice. She didn’t even take a second look at the dress before getting it packed. With lots of excitement like any other girl, she tried the dress at home (home is always safe!!). The trial left her in disappointment. The dress was loosely hanging here and there.. just didn’t fit properly, leave alone the perfection she dreamt of.. Alteration was the best solution she could think of. The person who did the alteration did his job with perfection. Patiently waiting to get the altered dress was worth.  Now she looked awesome in that outfit.

2014-02-13 20.55.37 copy

I have seen many trying to shed the extra pounds so that they could wear their favourite dress which was bought long back, kept safely to be worn once again. The dress can’t help its owner if he or she outgrew it.

These ladies and gentlemen who once used to wait patiently at several instances get married and often forget what is compromise, adjustment, patience and lots of other requirements for a lovely relationship. It’s not all about ‘me’ but ‘us’. At least the patience one shows to wait till the dress gets altered to fit into their requirements is needed in many situations in life. Isn’t a relationship of much more worth than a dress? If ready to make some adjustments, some alterations here and there, this is going to last forever and ever and the outcome is priceless!!!!

Untitled-1 copy

Cut your ego and stubbornness, stitch in love and patience.

Make it not only last but beautiful!!


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