Five Tricks to Engage Toddlers for a While

Do you have a naughty toddler at home? Well! You are exactly on the same boat that I’m on. Managing your toddler seems difficult coz you never know what’s going through their mind and what they will do the next moment. If your toddler is silent for more than a minute, he/she is surely up to something. Toddlers are always power packed and cannot be idle unless they are sleeping. Sometimes we parents do not have that much energy and we wish they sit in one place and play for a while. Toys can’t always engage them because they get bored of it very soon.

Here are few tricks that I use to keep my 2 year old engaged for a while.  I swear not more than a while because toddlers can’t resist themselves from giving us surprises.
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DIY Paper Wall Art

pic 1 copy

Here is a simple, cost effective method to cover the patches or cracks on your wall and make it look attractive and stylish. I tried this to hide the wooden plank which was used to cover the window AC hole in our apartment since we opted for split unit. The outcome was commendable. My boy loves this piece of art and goes to sleep gazing at it. What more does a mom want!!

Have a look for yourself…
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Thank you to all our lovely contestants for making ‘My Womanhood, My Pride’ contest a success . Your participation and support indeed means a lot to us and we are delighted to have such great friends along with us in our journey.

RuskAndTea announces the result of ‘My Womanhood, My Pride’ contest.

Winner announcement
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Women’s Day Lunch

Women’s day is just around the corner and I wanted to put up a dessert post. But then I decided on a simple lunch which can be put together quickly. (Well we all realise the need of having quick and special recipes in hand).  It’s often said that ‘eat like a King at lunch, so here comes my simple and special lunch menu for all my dear readers..

DSC03918 (1) copy

My Women’s day treat for you guys.
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My Womanhood, My Pride


As part of the International Women’s day celebrations March 8th, RuskAndTea is organizing a campaign. Tell us your views on the subject ‘My Womanhood, My Pride’. This is a chance to express your thoughts to the world and to win an exciting prize. Please make sure that your entries reach us latest by 7th March 2014.
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