Five Tricks to Engage Toddlers for a While

Do you have a naughty toddler at home? Well! You are exactly on the same boat that I’m on. Managing your toddler seems difficult coz you never know what’s going through their mind and what they will do the next moment. If your toddler is silent for more than a minute, he/she is surely up to something. Toddlers are always power packed and cannot be idle unless they are sleeping. Sometimes we parents do not have that much energy and we wish they sit in one place and play for a while. Toys can’t always engage them because they get bored of it very soon.

Here are few tricks that I use to keep my 2 year old engaged for a while.  I swear not more than a while because toddlers can’t resist themselves from giving us surprises.

1. Tunnel play

PIC 1 copy

Have you noticed the curiosity on your toddler’s face when they throw a toy down from the balcony? They look down to see where it went. They throw more toys to experiment. Toddlers are always curious. This tunnel play is a game where you can make use of this curiosity of theirs. Strap unused tissue rolls on to a window or furniture or even wall (see picture above). Now hand over a set of small toys which can pass through the tunnels like small cars or pandas you get with gems. Let them pass these toys through the tunnels and play.

PIC 2 copy

This will keep them engaged. They will be very curious when the toy passes down. This will increase their attention and has no safety issues.

2. Food grains

PIC 3 copy

Put rice, grains, and pulses of different colours in a bowl and give it to your toddler along with few bowls n spoons. Trust me. Your toddler will love it. They will soon surprise you turning out to be little chefs in their own imaginative world. They role play cooking with it, may even feed a doll. If you are lucky enough, you might also get a spoon or two of what they believe to be their self-cooked delicacy.

PIC 4 copy

It increases hand-eye coordination and since it is edible, it does no harm. If you can put him/her on a sheet of paper or ask them to use the table, you can avoid major mess.

3. A bag of clothes

PIC 5 copy

Give him/her few clothes in a bag. Your toddler will love the vibrant colours and even the texture of the clothes. They will pull out the clothes, put it back in the bag and repeat the process again and again. This will surely engage them for a while. But of course they surely will make a mess out of it. If you can handle that mess, this is a great way to keep them busy.

PIC 6 copy

This will expose your child to wide range of colours and it is safe too if you avoid lengthy clothes. You can hand over clothes which are not ironed so that you don’t have to worry about your ironed clothes getting messed. Also if you leave the child and the bag on bed, you can avoid the clothes getting dirty.

4. Balloons

PIC 7 copy

Blow up some balloons and leave your toddler amidst it. Kids love balloons that are light and bounce as they touch. Since it is light, it won’t tamper your households like heavy balls do. The only drawback is that you can’t leave your child unattended. Do remove the balloon bits in case it bursts. This is actually a play so toddlers are sure to enjoy.

photo1 copy

You can also teach them colours while they are at play.

5. Dressing up

photo2 copy

This is more applicable to girls. They would love to dress up and see themselves in the mirror. Let your toddler dress up in the outfits and accessories of her choice. They might choose to wear the weirdest of combinations. But that will make them happy. tons and tons and also give them a sense of freedom to think and choose.

photo3 copy

It will trigger their fashion senses too.

We often restrict toddlers from taking groceries, clothes and even from choosing their dress. So these tricks will not only engage them for a while, but also give them a sense of freedom and content. You can have a few minutes of break from that standing on your toes.

P.S: Please be around and keep an eye on kids as they try out these activities. Never leave kids unattended when they are doing any such activities.

Happy parenting!


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