What I Did This Easter… DIY Easter Basket for Kids

DIY Easter BasketHello Friends… Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a great time.

I am a festivity-addict.. I just don’t miss an occasion that I can celebrate. Seems like those households in daily soaps which have conquered the prime time… eh?? Now I got a companion who is equally crazy, if not more, about festivals and celebrations, my 4 year old daughter. This Easter season we did a few simple crafts together, which I will post sometime soon. As we were googling the other day, Doll was all impressed by Easter baskets and wanted one for her. That’s when I decided to create one at home. Up-cycling or Trash to Treasure as I like calling it, has always impressed me. I decided to up-cycle something that I can find around the house to make Dolly’s Easter Basket.
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Triple Decker Delight

I have my extended family around and we often plan family get-together.  These gatherings are real fun and the best part according to all of us is the food. We women also see it as a platform to exhibit our proven cooking experiments (well.. I mean samples tested on our guinea pigs at home Smile with tongue out). During one of such occasions, I happened to taste this dessert which my Aunty made and I was instantly in love with it. Aunty was generous enough to not just share the recipe but to give me detailed instructions too. This is a three layered dessert with custard, jelly and cream.
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5 Easter Egg Crafts in a Jiffy

Easter is just around the corner and with kids at home, Easter seems incomplete without Easter crafts. Easter eggs top the craft list every year and kids just love those decorated eggs. So, what if you have not yet started making these? Well, I have got five super simple egg crafts that you can make in a jiffy with materials that you can pick from your kitchen shelves and basement.



Now you know it’s not yet late…. So let’s get started..
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Idli in Spicy Masala

Do you also often have leftover idlies in your kitchen like me??? My leftover idlies were either force fed to my family or they would find their way into the bin. Honestly I hated both these options. That is when I put together simple ingredients in my kitchen to find a yummy solution for my problem. Here is my recipe to make use of the leftover idlis. Once I used to make it with the leftover idlis and now I make idlis to prepare this -idli in spicy masala. What’s best about this recipe is its very simple to make and that it doesn’t need any side dishes.

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