5 Easter Egg Crafts in a Jiffy

Easter is just around the corner and with kids at home, Easter seems incomplete without Easter crafts. Easter eggs top the craft list every year and kids just love those decorated eggs. So, what if you have not yet started making these? Well, I have got five super simple egg crafts that you can make in a jiffy with materials that you can pick from your kitchen shelves and basement.



Now you know it’s not yet late…. So let’s get started..

1)      Foiled Egg



  • Egg
  • Foil (Aluminum/ Gold)


  • Lightly crush the foil with your hands and wrap the egg carefully in the crushed foil. Cut off the extra foil if any.

 2)      Pattern Egg



  • Patterned gift wrap paper
  • Egg
  • Glue


  • Cut the gift wrapping paper into strips.
  • Glue the strips to cover the whole egg
  • Leave it to dry for sometime

 3)      Yarn egg



  • Paint (water/ acrylic)
  • Colorful threads


  • Paint the egg with a color of your choice
  • Wrap the yarn around the egg
  • You could wrap it in different angles for a better look
  • You could also use multicolor threads for a more appealing look

 4)      Puppet Egg



  • Sketch pens/ markers
  • Ribbon/ Embellishments


  • Use Sketch pens to draw a face on the egg
  • Use ribbon or other embellishments to complete the look
  • I did a girly egg and used a red ribbon and bow to decorate

 5)      Designer Egg



  • Paint in multiple colors (Water/ acrylic)


  • Paint the egg in a color
  • Make designs of your choice with a contrast colors on the egg

Try out these crafts and surprise you little ones.

Happy crafting, Happy Easter!!


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