Doodu – Crispy banana snack for kids

Schools have started and mommies are busy browsing through cookbooks and web pages for kids recipes. Planning lunch box and snack box menu is definitely a challenge for moms. We have been posting recently on back to school tips for moms and we plan to put some quick and easy kids recipes in the following posts. So here goes the first one, a simple yummy snack for kids.


I used to love this snack as a kid and now it’s my son’s  favorite  too. Doodu… Does the name puzzle you? It’s not as puzzling as the name. This is another recipe that my Mom brought from Nigeria when we came back. I’m not pretty sure whether this is the real name of it. May be the name was given by Mom. But whatever.. even now, Doodu is the much loved snack at home.
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Back to School Checklist for Moms

School reopening is just around the corner and mommies and their babies have to get back to the usual routine soon.
Back to school activities are mainly postponed to the last week of holidays, making it a huge task in itself. A little bit of planning can make these activities fun and will give you a stress free week just before the school reopens to enjoy the last few days of the longest break of the year. Involving your kids in these activities can be fun and will inculcate the sense of planning and responsibility in them.


So here goes our checklist..

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On-line Stores for School Shopping in India

School reopening is due in a week and both moms and kids are half-heartedly getting ready to head to the back to school routine. I remember, as a kid I used to like these initial days of a school year, mainly for the shopping of school supplies and the thrill to take it to the class and show it to my friends. As I recall this from the pages of my childhood, I can understand it would be the same for my kid and for all the little ones out there who are eagerly waiting to shop for their school merchandise this season.


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Though the experience of taking kids to a brick and mortar store and letting them touch, feel and choose their merchandise is amazing, we do opt for the easier option of click click click… We have well adopted the concept of online shopping which is much more convenient and the e-tailers have also geared up for the school season.
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