Back to School Checklist for Moms

School reopening is just around the corner and mommies and their babies have to get back to the usual routine soon.
Back to school activities are mainly postponed to the last week of holidays, making it a huge task in itself. A little bit of planning can make these activities fun and will give you a stress free week just before the school reopens to enjoy the last few days of the longest break of the year. Involving your kids in these activities can be fun and will inculcate the sense of planning and responsibility in them.


So here goes our checklist..

3- 4 Weeks Before:

Books: Make sure you collect books and all the supplies the school provides in time. If you are to buy books from the book store, make sure have the book list well in advance and you don’t wait for the last minute shopping. Children also have an excitement to explore new books, so they will have enough time to do that.

Uniform: Get enough pair of uniforms for your kids. In case you opt for a tailored outfit, place your orders well ahead to avoid last minute rush. Wait time for custom outfits are usually longer during the peak season. Also, prior orders give you enough time for alterations, if needed.

Online Shopping: Buying stuffs online is always a convenience and at times offers good deals too. For your school supplies purchase online, shortlist and add products to your cart. You could order 2-3 weeks ahead of the reopening week having enough time for the shipping and return if needed. This can be a fun activity if you involve your little ones. Check out our compilation of online shopping options for school supplies here.

Get Back to Routine: Vacation time also means good bye to routine and we often have a problem to get back to it as soon as the school starts. To avoid this, you can tone down the vacation chaos a little. From late night cartoons to 9 a.m., wake ups, slowly get back to routine by avoiding these. Kids have to be tuned to the school routine well ahead of the school reopening week. Help them to practice sleeping early and waking up early.

2 Weeks – 10 Days Before:

Books Ready: Neatly cover and label all books. You could involve your little ones also as they will feel the responsibility to keep their books clean as they have spent some effort to cover it. Kids generally love sticking labels on the covered books.

Shopping: Many of us still prefer to go to brick and mortar stores along with kids for them to choose and pick their school supplies for the year. A trip with kids 2 weeks ago to the shop would be ideal. Remember to buy a spare piece of the supplies in case kids lose or damage their articles. Eye catching supplies often go off the shelves once the school shopping buzz is over.

Smile Please: Get your child photographed. Many schools would also need a family photo to be submitted on the day of reopening. So make sure you have these pictures clicked in advance.

A Week Before:

Hair cut: Get your little ones a smart hair cut for the school season. Well maintained hair makes them look tidy and makes your work easy to get them ready for school.

Sorting: Sort out the books- the books to be handed over to the teacher, the ones to be kept at home, and the ones the kids have to carry with them to school.

Closet Arrangement: Make your kid’s closet school ready. Have a proper slot for school uniforms and accessories like handkerchiefs, ties, socks and ID card. You could have it in the bottom part of the closet so that kids can take and keep back their stuffs on their own.

Fill Up : Finish off all the paper work – fill up the forms, diary sheets, temporary ID cards and keep it ready.

Label: Many schools have it as a mandatory practice to label kids articles which they take to school. This is also a good practice, even in case it is not compulsory. Use permanent markers to personalize water bottles, snack and lunch boxes, pencil box, bags, books etc. with your little one’s name.

Menu Planning: Mommas are also back on routine track with the school reopening. Meal plans are a much needed tool to ease your work and plan your day/ week well. Make a customized meal planner, feed it in your app or simply jot in your dairy. Have provisions for what your kid will carry to school for his mid morning and evening snacks and lunch.

Get Pampered: Just as the school season begins and kids and parents jump back to their old routine, a lot of stress awaits moms. Take a couple of hours on the weekend and head to the parlor or spa and get yourself pampered.

So get geared Mommies. Do let us know your tips to make ‘Back to school’ stress free.

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