Easy Potato Cutlet for Kids

Kids are fond of munching and often end up snacking on unhealthy food items. As Moms, we want to keep kids away from junk food and serve them healthy options instead. The transformation is not quick and neither can we accept french fries lovers to feast on sprouts overnight. It is also important  to create a liking for home made snacks, so it has to be yummy to taste and fab to look at. Is that a tough challenge for Mommies? Well I would say not really.

I made cutlets for my son the other day.  Kids love potato in most forms be it french fries, patties or wafers. So I decided to keep it as the main ingredient for my cutlet. This is a very easy kid-friendly recipe of potato cutlets and would be a great option for after school snacks.



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Quick Birthday Party Ideas- Thomas and Friends Theme

Hello Everyone… How are you all doing? Well, I’m asking this as it’s been quite a while since we posted on the blog. Work, kids and some family matters kept us really really occupied. I feel a lot better as I take this short break vacationing in my home town. After I was done with compensating for all the pending sleep, I turned on to my blogging, left untouched for long. There are many topics filed under various categories in my brain that I need to write about. Here goes the first one: I confess.. I’m a celebration freak!!! A major occasion that I celebrate is my Dolly’s birthday. I did plan a proper party for her first birthday but keeping her comfort factor and to make the event more fun filled than exhausting, I have kept birthday parties simple and at home since then. For the last two years, we had more of our friends coming home for the celebration. This year I was ecstatic as Dolly had few of her friends at home for the party. Continue reading