Cupcake Christmas Ornament: Kids Craft

Christmas is in the air and we have all been touched with the season’s magic wand. There is a lot of things happening to get ready for the celebration..baking, crafting, decorating and it is all so exciting. Yes it is exciting but only for the person who is involved in it. I often leave Christmas tree decoration to Dolly. She does her part till where she can reach and instructs me to decorate the rest Surprised smile

When she was smaller, she loved and felt contented hanging the ornaments on the tree. This year she was not really excited to do just that. She wanted to make her own ornaments to be put on the tree. I didn’t want to demotivate her and decided to teach her this simple and safe craft that can be put together in less than 5 minutes!

Read on the steps to create this cute Christmas ornament.

DSC_0353 copy

Materials Needed:

  • Cupcake Liners
  • Cotton
  • Glue
  • Thermocol balls
  • String/ Satin Ribbon

Choose cupcake liners that strike your fancy. Pick up the colours and size that you like.

DSC_0340 copy

Glue satin ribbon/ string to the cupcake liners

DSC_0342 copy

Roll a small ball of cotton (little more than what you need to fill the cupcake liner)

DSC_0345 copy

Apply glue to the base and sides of the cupcake liner. Place the cotton ball inside the liner and press it gently.

DSC_0348 copy

Apply little glue on top of the cotton ball and stick thermocol balls to top your cupcake.

Your cup cake ornaments are all set to prettify the tree.

DSC_0359 copy


Keep an eye on the kids when they create this.

I had only white cupcake liners, so I coloured them to make them look bright.

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