Yes or No to New Year Resolution?

Hello Everyone,

We start with a question often asked when a year departs and the New Year dawns. Do you make New Year resolutions? We did a quick informal survey among family, friends and colleagues and realized that only few people made resolutions.

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.  

– Dave Beard

New year resolution

We three had a chat among us and our stats were so similar to our informal survey. Here is what we have to say about our resolutions:

Ramya Says:

My mantra for the year is a very humble “Me too”. In my quest to be a self proclaimed super woman, I have a set of achievements that gives me pride as a mom but the ‘I in me’ has been neglected. From scanty sleep to ‘forgetting’ to have breakfast, I have done it all. This year I want to keep aside a few minutes of “ME (and only me) time’ every day. A doable target -having basic expectations like going to the parlour ALONE or not ignoring my health, sleep a generous 7 hours if not more. .

As my first step, I have drawn a clear divide between work and family time. A no-no to carrying work home this year (and hopefully beyond)! Couple of years ago I attended a workshop on emotional intelligence and leadership where the participants were made to write a letter to themselves about a short term goal they wanted to achieve.  The letter was mailed to me from the trainer’s office after 6 months. I still have it unopened in my desk because I wrote about ‘me time’ and continued as an unachieved goal.  I feel confident to open the letter this year.

Fingers Crossed, I seriously want to achieve this.

Sherin Says:

Towards the end of the year everyone will think of resolutions and plans to kick start the New Year with a positive note. My ideology is  we need not wait for New Year to take good decisions and resolutions. Good things can happen anytime anywhere.

I’ve no new year resolutions.  Just trying to practise more on what I have been trying for long. Not to hurt people around me by my deeds and words and to spread happiness wherever possible. Today I happened to hear a speech by a priest which made me more strong with my decision. His advice was to guide your words and don’t let yourself fall into sin by any words which is not useful to you or the person hearing it or the person of whom you are talking about. So this new year I’m  continuing to follow that rule.

Anything else I wanna start, I will start then and there. Wont wait till the next year.

Remi Says:

The spirit of new year lasts only 2 days for me-on the last day of the year and thr first day of the new year. So any new year resolution taken gets forgotten as the New year spirit dies. So I ended the customary practice of making ‘New Year’ resolutions years ago. I make resolutions or rather goals and targets that I set for myself, whenever I’m ready for it and try my best to stick to them. I don’t wait for the new year to get them kick started.

So what’s your idea of new year resolution? Have you made one yet?
Have a Blessed year ahead …


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