Best from Our Treasure Chest

As February departs, we complete a year of blogging. Seems like yesterday when we sat virtually together with our phones and tablets in different parts of the world to discuss the possibility of having a space for us in the blogosphere just to record our experiences. We brainstormed, ideated, and demolished our castle of thoughts. Again we put together our thoughts, debated and conceived something new. After couple of months, we gathered the courage to set on this path with one baby step at a time. And thus, RuskAndTea was born.

During the course of an year, we moved taking one tiny step at a time, fell down, got up, broke bones, recovered but what we did not stop was walking.  We wrote about our experiences in cooking as easy recipes, we jotted down our crafting experiments in DIY and the mothers in us wrote about our new discoveries in parenting. We are blessed to have family; friends and relatives to comfort and encourage us. We are thankful to our blogger friends who form our great support system helping us at every stage in the world of blogging.

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Chocolate Caramel Layered Pudding

Pudding has been my childhood favourite. As I started cooking, pudding became the much made dessert at home. My husband loves caramel pudding and chocolate pudding is often on my craving list. Usually when I make pudding, there is grin on only one face. This time I thought none of us deserve a compromise and made this layered pudding with delicious caramel and undoubtedly yummy chocolate. This is a simple recipe using china grass. So you can simply ignore the steaming/ baking steps.

DSC04375 copy

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DIY Ethnic Indian Headband

Necessity is the mother of invention!! This is quite an over statement for this post but this DIY which I did recently has somewhat a similar story. I had a family function to attend and got traditional clothes for Dolly. I wanted a hair accessory (headband precisely, as I cut her hair recently :D) that goes well with her dress and needless to say, I didn’t find any. So what do i do next… well no choice, so I decided to make my own.

This could probably be one of the simplest accessories that you can make for your little dolls( I am not joking). With a few basic materials and a even lesser  quality minutes, we can create this headband to suit ethnic Indian outfit.


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Rose Milk

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, my mind was full of roses as I was thinking of ideas for the day. I don’t know if it was the power of roses or the nostalgia of childhood, I got reminded of Rose Milk. I found myself drooling thinking of a taste that I relished as a kid.

When it comes to Rose Milk, my taste buds refuse to accept anything but what my neighbour Aunty used to make for us. Aunty was generous to share her recipe and I enjoyed sipping it after years. Again, may be the magic of the season, I did spend some effort on garnishing it for the two boys in my life.

So here goes the recipe:

Rose Milk_Valentines Day












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Kodaikanal Trip – Weekend Getaway

I have lived most of my life in places blessed abundantly with natural beauty. A day outing or a family picnic plan had lot of options to choose from. However since I moved to Chennai, the options are a little limited.

This Pongal holidays, we wanted to move out from the city and spend some quality family time. We chose Kodaikanal as our destination this time and planned to spend 3 days in this mystic hill station. We drove from Chennai covering a distance of 526 Kms, a real fun trip with music, snacks and lots of chatter.


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