DIY Ethnic Indian Headband

Necessity is the mother of invention!! This is quite an over statement for this post but this DIY which I did recently has somewhat a similar story. I had a family function to attend and got traditional clothes for Dolly. I wanted a hair accessory (headband precisely, as I cut her hair recently :D) that goes well with her dress and needless to say, I didn’t find any. So what do i do next… well no choice, so I decided to make my own.

This could probably be one of the simplest accessories that you can make for your little dolls( I am not joking). With a few basic materials and a even lesser  quality minutes, we can create this headband to suit ethnic Indian outfit.


Materials needed:

  • Plastic Hairband
  • Golden Ribbon
  • Ethnic design patches
  • Glue (I used Fevibond)
  • Rubber Bands


1) Wipe the plastic hairband with a dry cloth or tissue paper to ensure a dust free surface to work on.

2) Apply a thin coat of glue on the hairband and on the ribbon.

3) Wrap the ribbon around the hair band covering it completely.


4) Embellish the head band by sticking the design patches. You can be as creative as you can or keep it simple as I did 🙂

5) Secure both ends of the ribbon by wrapping and securing with glue. You could use rubber bands to ensure it stays tight.

6) Allow it to dry for 30-45 minutes. Remove the rubber bands and the headband is ready for your little princess!!





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