Best from Our Treasure Chest

As February departs, we complete a year of blogging. Seems like yesterday when we sat virtually together with our phones and tablets in different parts of the world to discuss the possibility of having a space for us in the blogosphere just to record our experiences. We brainstormed, ideated, and demolished our castle of thoughts. Again we put together our thoughts, debated and conceived something new. After couple of months, we gathered the courage to set on this path with one baby step at a time. And thus, RuskAndTea was born.

During the course of an year, we moved taking one tiny step at a time, fell down, got up, broke bones, recovered but what we did not stop was walking.  We wrote about our experiences in cooking as easy recipes, we jotted down our crafting experiments in DIY and the mothers in us wrote about our new discoveries in parenting. We are blessed to have family; friends and relatives to comfort and encourage us. We are thankful to our blogger friends who form our great support system helping us at every stage in the world of blogging.

best posts

As we move on to the second year of blogging, we plan many more lovely posts. We leave you with the best in our treasure chest. A quick recap of our most viewed posts:

Pizza Hut Style Pasta Salad: The yummy macaroni salad in pizza hut style is sure to pamper your taste buds.  A sure-hit simple recipe, this is also easy to put together as you would have most of the ingredients in your refrigerator.  A must try when you are hosting parties at home or for those weekends when you want to serve something extra special.

photo1 (1) copy

Triple Decker Delight: Is there someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? I am sweet crazy and so is my family. This dessert is a perfect blend of flavors with fruity jelly, delicious custard and yummy cream. The nutty topping makes it simply irresistible. The best part is that it is super simple to make. A must try weekend dessert recipe.


Outfit Planning for Working Women: A compilation of practical tips for today’s super women to hit the workstation in style. A little bit of advanced planning does the trick and you live up to the super woman definition without compromising on time and style.


5 Tricks to Engage Toddlers for a While: Simple activities to keep the busy bees engaged for some time and ensuring their development as well.  5 tricks to ensure motor-skill development with loads of fun guaranteed.


DIY Gift Box Pop Up Card: A twist to the usual handmade cards. This kids’ craft can be tweaked to suit any occasion. Kids would love to see their effort transform into beautiful pop up cards which are sure to grab appreciations from all.


Hope you like our posts. Till we get back to you with more, happy reading!!!


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