5 Traditional Holi Recipes

I grew up celebrating Holi with lot of enthusiasm.  The festival of colours has a great place in my childhood memories. This is also the festival I miss the most after I relocated to South India. Holi hardly exists on the festival calendar in this part of the country. As I am particular, my daughter should experience this significant Indian festival, every year I do some celebrations for her mainly to familiarize her with holi. We manage the festivities with the little resources available here, water guns replacing pichkaris and confining the gulaal application to our balcony. As schools and offices don’t often have holidays for Holi, I end up making just a sweet to conclude our private holi celebrations.


This year as it is along with the weekend, I was thinking of making it a little elaborate and have a few traditional recipes on the platter. My childhood was restricted to eating the yummy delicacies of the festive season and I have never even bothered to wonder what ingredients go into it… thinking of the recipe was a far cry. I searched across recipe blogs and websites and bookmarked these recipes for holi pakwan this season.

Here goes the list:

Gujiya: This humble sweet is a must make for every Indian festival. I was not very fond of gujiya as a kid as my mom often made it. As they say, what is easily available is less dear. As I grew up, gujiya became one of my favorite sweets. Another reason for my liking may be the fact that you have to hunt for places  which serve  authentic gujiya in Chennai. I found this recipe on Dassana’s Blog. Being a novice in cooking, her blog is a go-to resource for me. She also has a baked variant of this recipe for the health watchers.

Quick thoughts: The deep fried version tastes better always and if you are having difficulty in getting the shape right, there are ready made molds available to ease your job 🙂

Namak Paara: A simple snack that can be made anytime is next on my holi platter. As we serve a lot of sweets during holi, this is a great snack to neutralize the sugar effect. Again, a much made snack, I love it these days for the ease of putting it together and the best part is you hardly go wrong with this one, however amateur you are in cooking. NishaandMadhulika has this recipe with a tangy twist.

Quick thoughts: Chat masala is a great ingredient to give your namak paras a tangy twist. You can make without these as well to get the traditional taste of this lovely namkeen.

Malpua: I used to wait for holi to taste different variations of malpua. As kids when we played holi and were served sweets and savories from all houses in the neighborhood, my eyes always stopped at the tempting malpuas. These sugar coated pancakes are simply irresistible and I made sure I picked it up from every thali. I found this occasion appropriate recipe at Saffron Streaks where Sukanya compliments malpuas with apple rabri. I’m already drooling!

Kachori: Kachoris are an all time favorite. For serving in your holi thali or for the special festive breakfast, Kachoris are indeed the best bet. There are many variations of this dish and each one just tastes better than the other. Besan stuffed kachoris are easy to make and tastes simple sumptuous when served with aloo sabzi or sweet khajur and imli chutney

Thandayi: What is holi without thandayi? This refreshing cool drink is a boon on a warm holi day. A healthy drink with the goodness of milk and dry fruits, flavored with rose petals, this is a must have recipe on every holi platter. As kids we would be conscious of picking up the non-bhang version. this traditional drink so closely associated with holi is a must make every year. I found this authentic recipe on Banaras Ka Khana.

Try out these yummy treats in your kitchen and enjoy every bit of the festive season.

Happy holi everyone!!!


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