Steal Some Time for Yourself

We all love being pampered. As kids we had our parents grooming with the cutest hairstyle and latest fashion dresses. As we grew up took charge of it- from the latest trend in hair colour to the highest in heels, from putting a fifth stud to getting tailor made outfits in tune with the latest trend, we have tried it all. As the responsibility meter increases, the pampering and care we give to ourselves goes off in reverse gear. Most women keep their grooming needs aside when they jump into the mommyhood wagon.


Women’s day was around and we had our heads up at work to plan a celebration for this occasion. The day dreamer that I am, my mind had already drifted from those discussions and was in its own world. I realised that the best celebration for me on women’s day or any day ( I strongly believe each day is mine… Lol) is a little time that is all mine. I guess it is the same with all of us. Little time to love and pamper us, we deserve it at least once in a while. Actually spending a little time for oneself will help de-stress and we can get back to our routine with much more enthusiasm and confidence.

We have got few simple tips you could do to live your ‘Me Time’ amidst a busy routine.

Me Time

purple-label-life-quote-time-me-marguerite-blossoms-purpel-white-ribbon-english-three-white-wooden-background-48825290Amidst all the time that you dedicate to your kids, family and employer, you could manage to dedicate few minutes for yourself. There are a lot of things I push to my ‘some-day to-do list’ and that ‘some-day’ just doesn’t hit my calendar. Things that I have are sometimes as basic as applying nail paint or listening to my favourite music or something little more better like walking alone on the beach or paint a piece of pottery. A few minutes a day would help in doing one of these things, however small it may be. It feels really good when we are able to strike at least one thing off the list. You could ask for help from family or friends, or do it when your kids are busy in their worlds. I often crave to see green in my concrete jungle. I sometimes sit in the park simply staring at the plants when my daughter enjoys her swings and slides.

Pamper yourself

pamper-yourself-4692953 Head to a spa or book a package for yourself at the parlour depending on the time you can steal from the busy mommy schedule. If you don’t have the luxury of spending much time, give yourself a home facial or a body pack in the comfort of your home.   Have a shower with few drops of your favourite aroma oil to bring down the stress levels. This makes you feel alive and adds to your confidence.


Be with friends

girl-friends-meeting-coffee-28771849 “Friends… well I used to have many” is what most mommies have to say. Mommy hood often keeps you away from your social life and it is not always possible to be in touch with friends. Try spending some time with your friends either offline or online. It gives you the confidence that you are not confined to your den and are not losing on trends and updates as well. It also helps in maintaining your support system outside your family to keep you motivated.


Dress up

25195511-attractive-young-woman-in-front-of-mirror-buttoning-up-her-shirt-beautiful-caucasian-female-getting-Pull out your favourite dress and groom a bit to boost your self-confidence. Pair it up with accessories and matching nail paint.

This applies even if you are staying at home. You could opt for comfortable and stylish options to groom yourself.

A well groomed woman is sure to have a higher level of self-confidence level.



fitness-dance-zumba-class-23585298When we think of taking care and pampering ourselves, we generally think of beauty and grooming although much more significant than these is to take care of our health and fitness.

So take some time to hit the gym or grab your yoga mat. A few minutes of meditation or a hot cup of green tea along with your salad bowl. Exercise will help you de-stress and stay in shape and keep health issues at bay.

A mom has to be healthy to wear the multi tasking super mom hat.



playing-guitar-hobby-29096448All of us have likes and hobbies which we generally don’t do justice to as we try keeping pace with the busy bee lifestyle. Find some time to do things you like – reading a book sipping a cup of coffee, listening to your favourite music, doing a DIY, painting a pot, there is an endless list to things you could do. Dedicating time to things you like also gives you the assurance that you are not ignoring yourself as you fulfil your responsibilities.


I have made it a resolution to do something for myself at least once in a week to start with. Every day is yours and you deserve something for yourself too.



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