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As February departs, we complete a year of blogging. Seems like yesterday when we sat virtually together with our phones and tablets in different parts of the world to discuss the possibility of having a space for us in the blogosphere just to record our experiences. We brainstormed, ideated, and demolished our castle of thoughts. Again we put together our thoughts, debated and conceived something new. After couple of months, we gathered the courage to set on this path with one baby step at a time. And thus, RuskAndTea was born.

During the course of an year, we moved taking one tiny step at a time, fell down, got up, broke bones, recovered but what we did not stop was walking.  We wrote about our experiences in cooking as easy recipes, we jotted down our crafting experiments in DIY and the mothers in us wrote about our new discoveries in parenting. We are blessed to have family; friends and relatives to comfort and encourage us. We are thankful to our blogger friends who form our great support system helping us at every stage in the world of blogging.

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DIY Ethnic Indian Headband

Necessity is the mother of invention!! This is quite an over statement for this post but this DIY which I did recently has somewhat a similar story. I had a family function to attend and got traditional clothes for Dolly. I wanted a hair accessory (headband precisely, as I cut her hair recently :D) that goes well with her dress and needless to say, I didn’t find any. So what do i do next… well no choice, so I decided to make my own.

This could probably be one of the simplest accessories that you can make for your little dolls( I am not joking). With a few basic materials and a even lesser  quality minutes, we can create this headband to suit ethnic Indian outfit.


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DIY Personalized T-Shirts for Kids

Who doesn’t like personalized stuff? When it comes to kids, they just gleam with pride to see their names even on the always personalized “birthday cakes”. Needless to mention their reaction if they get an outfit that has the word they recognize the most.. their name. It is icing on the cake if it is hand made by you just for them. This was something that made me attempt this project. We had a reunion a while ago and that was the first time our little munchkins were meeting each other. I created these personalized tees for each one of them. My reward was the high voltage smiles and the hugs I got from the little angels.


It is a super simple DIY that you can do in a few simple steps and the project needs minimal materials.

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Gift Box Pop Up Card: Kids Craft

The holidays, energising celebrations, fun, frolic and a brand new year!! The schools are soon reopening and mommies and babies have to get back to the routine. Children are excited to be back in school mainly to exchange New Year wishes with friends and teachers. What could be more apposite than a handmade card to go along with the wishes? It becomes all the more special when a pair of tiny hands has worked on it.

I love crafting with Dolly and we bond so much over crafting. Crafts are a great learning experience for kids and helps grow their imagination. When Dolly wanted to make cards for her teachers I decided to let her take charge, choose her colours and papers for the card. We chose a simple gift box pop card and sat down to make this with a handful of basic craft supplies.

Pop up card


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Candy Land Themed Christmas Decoration

Christmas to me has become something that brings a high voltage smile on my daughter’s little face. Dolly adores the festival and I fondly put together tits and bits of what is practiced, just for her. I have been putting up a tree at home for four years now and had been repeating almost the same process, as though it is an unwritten festive rule. Taking out the tree, putting up the ornaments, connecting the serial lights and done, Christmas decoration over. This year I badly wanted to break the stereotype.. but was unsure about what to do. That is when I recalled that I do it all for Dolly and what was stopping me from doing something that she loves. Kids’ love for colours and candies doesn’t need any elucidation and my Doll is no different.

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Cupcake Christmas Ornament: Kids Craft

Christmas is in the air and we have all been touched with the season’s magic wand. There is a lot of things happening to get ready for the celebration..baking, crafting, decorating and it is all so exciting. Yes it is exciting but only for the person who is involved in it. I often leave Christmas tree decoration to Dolly. She does her part till where she can reach and instructs me to decorate the rest Surprised smile

When she was smaller, she loved and felt contented hanging the ornaments on the tree. This year she was not really excited to do just that. She wanted to make her own ornaments to be put on the tree. I didn’t want to demotivate her and decided to teach her this simple and safe craft that can be put together in less than 5 minutes!

Read on the steps to create this cute Christmas ornament.

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Christmas Crib- DIY Project

The very thought of Christmas makes me smile. The colors, the warmth, the jingles, the aroma of freshly baked fruit cakes, it all makes me nostalgic, takes me to the cherished memories of childhood. Christmas has always been a great celebration at my place and as we say for all festivals, I enjoyed and celebrated it the best in my childhood. Winter vacation, cousins, tree decoration, crib making, carols, cakes, handmade greeting cards and best of the lot… staying awake under the blanket just to watch Santa keeping gifts under the tree!, Christmas has always been overwhelming.

The merriment has dimmed much now thanks to changing lifestyle and instant celebration aids flooding the market every festive season. Handmade cards have made way to e-cards and instant messages, cakes get pre-ordered for home delivery and festivals are most celebrated on social media and e-commerce portals. In these easy and name sake celebrations what gets lost is the fun, frolic and warmth of the occasion. I try to celebrate festivals in the traditional way mainly to create some colorful memories for my son.

This year I thought of recreating something from my childhood reminiscence. I decided to make a crib at home. I agree the readymade shop bought crib looks fab but something that is created with our creativity and effort is priceless! I used to join my cousins to make this as a kid. I still remember how we used to force feed eggs to all, just to ensure we have enough egg shells for the crib.

Here come the instructions to make your own crib at home.

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