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As February departs, we complete a year of blogging. Seems like yesterday when we sat virtually together with our phones and tablets in different parts of the world to discuss the possibility of having a space for us in the blogosphere just to record our experiences. We brainstormed, ideated, and demolished our castle of thoughts. Again we put together our thoughts, debated and conceived something new. After couple of months, we gathered the courage to set on this path with one baby step at a time. And thus, RuskAndTea was born.

During the course of an year, we moved taking one tiny step at a time, fell down, got up, broke bones, recovered but what we did not stop was walking.  We wrote about our experiences in cooking as easy recipes, we jotted down our crafting experiments in DIY and the mothers in us wrote about our new discoveries in parenting. We are blessed to have family; friends and relatives to comfort and encourage us. We are thankful to our blogger friends who form our great support system helping us at every stage in the world of blogging.

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Quick Veg Rice

It has been some time we posted on the blog. Adjusting to the new routine lol!!!
Schools have reopened and mommies and kiddies are back on track. Mommies are worried about how to fill the lunch boxes with tasty food that their kids will love without compromising on the nutrient content. Kiddies may not always like to take rice for lunch. But we Mommies can’t agree to that. Our last post was a healthy snack box recipe. As we promised we will be posting a series of snack box and lunch box recipes that moms could effortlessly make and pack for their little ones.  Here is a quick veg rice lunch box recipe.
IMAG0951 (2)

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Back to School Checklist for Moms

School reopening is just around the corner and mommies and their babies have to get back to the usual routine soon.
Back to school activities are mainly postponed to the last week of holidays, making it a huge task in itself. A little bit of planning can make these activities fun and will give you a stress free week just before the school reopens to enjoy the last few days of the longest break of the year. Involving your kids in these activities can be fun and will inculcate the sense of planning and responsibility in them.


So here goes our checklist..

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Women’s Day Lunch

Women’s day is just around the corner and I wanted to put up a dessert post. But then I decided on a simple lunch which can be put together quickly. (Well we all realise the need of having quick and special recipes in hand).  It’s often said that ‘eat like a King at lunch, so here comes my simple and special lunch menu for all my dear readers..

DSC03918 (1) copy

My Women’s day treat for you guys.
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Outfit Planning for Working Women

Every mom is a super woman and if she is a working mom…well multi-tasking just gets tougher. Your own needs are always low on priority and tops the ‘what to avoid’ list. Obviously any mom will not compromise on her family’s needs. Getting ready for work is many times a challenge, you don’t have the luxury to put on the complicated eye makeup tutorial that is making YouTube rounds, neither you have the time to ensure that your shoes n bag are in perfect sync with your outfit, especially when the school bus is honking at the gate. Also, you can’t enter a professional workplace as a mobile style disaster.

pioc 1

Here are 3 quick tips to avoid last minute rush:
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