Steal Some Time for Yourself

We all love being pampered. As kids we had our parents grooming with the cutest hairstyle and latest fashion dresses. As we grew up took charge of it- from the latest trend in hair colour to the highest in heels, from putting a fifth stud to getting tailor made outfits in tune with the latest trend, we have tried it all. As the responsibility meter increases, the pampering and care we give to ourselves goes off in reverse gear. Most women keep their grooming needs aside when they jump into the mommyhood wagon.


Women’s day was around and we had our heads up at work to plan a celebration for this occasion. The day dreamer that I am, my mind had already drifted from those discussions and was in its own world. I realised that the best celebration for me on women’s day or any day ( I strongly believe each day is mine… Lol) is a little time that is all mine. I guess it is the same with all of us. Little time to love and pamper us, we deserve it at least once in a while. Actually spending a little time for oneself will help de-stress and we can get back to our routine with much more enthusiasm and confidence.

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Best from Our Treasure Chest

As February departs, we complete a year of blogging. Seems like yesterday when we sat virtually together with our phones and tablets in different parts of the world to discuss the possibility of having a space for us in the blogosphere just to record our experiences. We brainstormed, ideated, and demolished our castle of thoughts. Again we put together our thoughts, debated and conceived something new. After couple of months, we gathered the courage to set on this path with one baby step at a time. And thus, RuskAndTea was born.

During the course of an year, we moved taking one tiny step at a time, fell down, got up, broke bones, recovered but what we did not stop was walking.  We wrote about our experiences in cooking as easy recipes, we jotted down our crafting experiments in DIY and the mothers in us wrote about our new discoveries in parenting. We are blessed to have family; friends and relatives to comfort and encourage us. We are thankful to our blogger friends who form our great support system helping us at every stage in the world of blogging.

best posts

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DIY Ethnic Indian Headband

Necessity is the mother of invention!! This is quite an over statement for this post but this DIY which I did recently has somewhat a similar story. I had a family function to attend and got traditional clothes for Dolly. I wanted a hair accessory (headband precisely, as I cut her hair recently :D) that goes well with her dress and needless to say, I didn’t find any. So what do i do next… well no choice, so I decided to make my own.

This could probably be one of the simplest accessories that you can make for your little dolls( I am not joking). With a few basic materials and a even lesser  quality minutes, we can create this headband to suit ethnic Indian outfit.


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Gift Box Pop Up Card: Kids Craft

The holidays, energising celebrations, fun, frolic and a brand new year!! The schools are soon reopening and mommies and babies have to get back to the routine. Children are excited to be back in school mainly to exchange New Year wishes with friends and teachers. What could be more apposite than a handmade card to go along with the wishes? It becomes all the more special when a pair of tiny hands has worked on it.

I love crafting with Dolly and we bond so much over crafting. Crafts are a great learning experience for kids and helps grow their imagination. When Dolly wanted to make cards for her teachers I decided to let her take charge, choose her colours and papers for the card. We chose a simple gift box pop card and sat down to make this with a handful of basic craft supplies.

Pop up card


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Eggless Banana Cupcake

Holidays are always fun, especially the one that falls in lovely December. Schools are closed, the pressure meter at work reads normal, a vacation mood all together and this is the best time to be together as a family. Its my time of the year when i try my hand on crafts and cooking experiments.

I made a batch of spongy cupcakes this week. I usually make chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. This time I tried out cupcakes with a fruity twist and they came out quite well. It is a simple and eggless version that both kids and adults will relish.

I will cut down the talking and go on straight to the recipe:

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Baking time: 40 minutes

Icing time: 10 minutes

Yields: 24 small cupcakes

DSC_0819 copy


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Easy Potato Cutlet for Kids

Kids are fond of munching and often end up snacking on unhealthy food items. As Moms, we want to keep kids away from junk food and serve them healthy options instead. The transformation is not quick and neither can we accept french fries lovers to feast on sprouts overnight. It is also important  to create a liking for home made snacks, so it has to be yummy to taste and fab to look at. Is that a tough challenge for Mommies? Well I would say not really.

I made cutlets for my son the other day.  Kids love potato in most forms be it french fries, patties or wafers. So I decided to keep it as the main ingredient for my cutlet. This is a very easy kid-friendly recipe of potato cutlets and would be a great option for after school snacks.



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Quick Veg Rice

It has been some time we posted on the blog. Adjusting to the new routine lol!!!
Schools have reopened and mommies and kiddies are back on track. Mommies are worried about how to fill the lunch boxes with tasty food that their kids will love without compromising on the nutrient content. Kiddies may not always like to take rice for lunch. But we Mommies can’t agree to that. Our last post was a healthy snack box recipe. As we promised we will be posting a series of snack box and lunch box recipes that moms could effortlessly make and pack for their little ones.  Here is a quick veg rice lunch box recipe.
IMAG0951 (2)

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