Steal Some Time for Yourself

We all love being pampered. As kids we had our parents grooming with the cutest hairstyle and latest fashion dresses. As we grew up took charge of it- from the latest trend in hair colour to the highest in heels, from putting a fifth stud to getting tailor made outfits in tune with the latest trend, we have tried it all. As the responsibility meter increases, the pampering and care we give to ourselves goes off in reverse gear. Most women keep their grooming needs aside when they jump into the mommyhood wagon.


Women’s day was around and we had our heads up at work to plan a celebration for this occasion. The day dreamer that I am, my mind had already drifted from those discussions and was in its own world. I realised that the best celebration for me on women’s day or any day ( I strongly believe each day is mine… Lol) is a little time that is all mine. I guess it is the same with all of us. Little time to love and pamper us, we deserve it at least once in a while. Actually spending a little time for oneself will help de-stress and we can get back to our routine with much more enthusiasm and confidence.

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Yes or No to New Year Resolution?

Hello Everyone,

We start with a question often asked when a year departs and the New Year dawns. Do you make New Year resolutions? We did a quick informal survey among family, friends and colleagues and realized that only few people made resolutions.

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.  

– Dave Beard

New year resolution

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My Womanhood, My Pride


As part of the International Women’s day celebrations March 8th, RuskAndTea is organizing a campaign. Tell us your views on the subject ‘My Womanhood, My Pride’. This is a chance to express your thoughts to the world and to win an exciting prize. Please make sure that your entries reach us latest by 7th March 2014.
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How About a Little Alteration??

Who doesn’t love buying dresses?? Especially girls can’t resist buying outfits that have won their hearts. A friend of mine saw a lovely outfit and fell in love with it instantly. She grabbed it for her birthday blinded by the beauty of her choice. She didn’t even take a second look at the dress before getting it packed. With lots of excitement like any other girl, she tried the dress at home (home is always safe!!). The trial left her in disappointment. The dress was loosely hanging here and there.. just didn’t fit properly, leave alone the perfection she dreamt of.. Alteration was the best solution she could think of. The person who did the alteration did his job with perfection. Patiently waiting to get the altered dress was worth.  Now she looked awesome in that outfit.

2014-02-13 20.55.37 copy
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