Triple Decker Delight

I have my extended family around and we often plan family get-together.  These gatherings are real fun and the best part according to all of us is the food. We women also see it as a platform to exhibit our proven cooking experiments (well.. I mean samples tested on our guinea pigs at home Smile with tongue out). During one of such occasions, I happened to taste this dessert which my Aunty made and I was instantly in love with it. Aunty was generous enough to not just share the recipe but to give me detailed instructions too. This is a three layered dessert with custard, jelly and cream.
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Women’s Day Lunch

Women’s day is just around the corner and I wanted to put up a dessert post. But then I decided on a simple lunch which can be put together quickly. (Well we all realise the need of having quick and special recipes in hand).  It’s often said that ‘eat like a King at lunch, so here comes my simple and special lunch menu for all my dear readers..

DSC03918 (1) copy

My Women’s day treat for you guys.
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How About a Little Alteration??

Who doesn’t love buying dresses?? Especially girls can’t resist buying outfits that have won their hearts. A friend of mine saw a lovely outfit and fell in love with it instantly. She grabbed it for her birthday blinded by the beauty of her choice. She didn’t even take a second look at the dress before getting it packed. With lots of excitement like any other girl, she tried the dress at home (home is always safe!!). The trial left her in disappointment. The dress was loosely hanging here and there.. just didn’t fit properly, leave alone the perfection she dreamt of.. Alteration was the best solution she could think of. The person who did the alteration did his job with perfection. Patiently waiting to get the altered dress was worth.  Now she looked awesome in that outfit.

2014-02-13 20.55.37 copy
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Grape Wine

The very first miracle of Jesus Christ was turning water into wine. The transformation was heavenly and within seconds with the grace of God. Here we need a total of forty two days, some ingredients and of course His grace to make this grape wine.

Make this wine and delight your friends and family and I’m sure you are going to get a lot of appreciation. Here we go…


PIC 3 wine copy
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