Christmas Crib- DIY Project

The very thought of Christmas makes me smile. The colors, the warmth, the jingles, the aroma of freshly baked fruit cakes, it all makes me nostalgic, takes me to the cherished memories of childhood. Christmas has always been a great celebration at my place and as we say for all festivals, I enjoyed and celebrated it the best in my childhood. Winter vacation, cousins, tree decoration, crib making, carols, cakes, handmade greeting cards and best of the lot… staying awake under the blanket just to watch Santa keeping gifts under the tree!, Christmas has always been overwhelming.

The merriment has dimmed much now thanks to changing lifestyle and instant celebration aids flooding the market every festive season. Handmade cards have made way to e-cards and instant messages, cakes get pre-ordered for home delivery and festivals are most celebrated on social media and e-commerce portals. In these easy and name sake celebrations what gets lost is the fun, frolic and warmth of the occasion. I try to celebrate festivals in the traditional way mainly to create some colorful memories for my son.

This year I thought of recreating something from my childhood reminiscence. I decided to make a crib at home. I agree the readymade shop bought crib looks fab but something that is created with our creativity and effort is priceless! I used to join my cousins to make this as a kid. I still remember how we used to force feed eggs to all, just to ensure we have enough egg shells for the crib.

Here come the instructions to make your own crib at home.

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