Palak Paneer- Tasty and Healthy

Does taste and health go together? I have heard many people say yes to it and have seen many blog posts where people made something that is healthy and yummy too. Trust me, I never believed either of these until I got to taste this recipe. When I was expecting my son, my doctor loaded me with advices on eating  green leafy vegetables, especially spinach. I already had imported a lot of, in my words ‘boring’ food into my diet chart, and now spinach!!!!!  That’s when my sis-in-law showed up. She made me this dish and with a lot of reluctance, I tried my first spoon and wow.. it tasted yumm!!!..  Since then, this dish has a place in my favorite vegetarian dishes. Thanks to my sissy!I discovered this awesome way of including spinach or palak in my family’s diet.


So here goes the recipe.. Taste bhi, health bhi.

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