5 Traditional Holi Recipes

I grew up celebrating Holi with lot of enthusiasm.  The festival of colours has a great place in my childhood memories. This is also the festival I miss the most after I relocated to South India. Holi hardly exists on the festival calendar in this part of the country. As I am particular, my daughter should experience this significant Indian festival, every year I do some celebrations for her mainly to familiarize her with holi. We manage the festivities with the little resources available here, water guns replacing pichkaris and confining the gulaal application to our balcony. As schools and offices don’t often have holidays for Holi, I end up making just a sweet to conclude our private holi celebrations.


This year as it is along with the weekend, I was thinking of making it a little elaborate and have a few traditional recipes on the platter. My childhood was restricted to eating the yummy delicacies of the festive season and I have never even bothered to wonder what ingredients go into it… thinking of the recipe was a far cry. I searched across recipe blogs and websites and bookmarked these recipes for holi pakwan this season.

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