Quick Birthday Party Ideas- Thomas and Friends Theme

Hello Everyone… How are you all doing? Well, I’m asking this as it’s been quite a while since we posted on the blog. Work, kids and some family matters kept us really really occupied. I feel a lot better as I take this short break vacationing in my home town. After I was done with compensating for all the pending sleep, I turned on to my blogging, left untouched for long. There are many topics filed under various categories in my brain that I need to write about. Here goes the first one: I confess.. I’m a celebration freak!!! A major occasion that I celebrate is my Dolly’s birthday. I did plan a proper party for her first birthday but keeping her comfort factor and to make the event more fun filled than exhausting, I have kept birthday parties simple and at home since then. For the last two years, we had more of our friends coming home for the celebration. This year I was ecstatic as Dolly had few of her friends at home for the party. Continue reading